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Planning Your School Visit

Planning Your School Visit

We offer a fun and exciting programme of Discovery Sessions. Self-guided visits are also available.

If you have already booked or are interested in making a booking, please familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions, Risk Assessments and Health and Safety requirements below.

Additional learning resources are also available below. These can be used before, during and after your visit.

There is also important information below regarding the accessibility of Air Raid Experience, Evacuation Experience and We’ll Meet Again.

We have also provided answers below to some of the most common questions that teachers visiting STEAM ask us.

STEAM’s additional learning resources

History of the Great Western Railway

STEAM Education Pack 1 - Visiting STEAM
STEAM Education Pack 2 - The Story of the GWR
STEAM Education Pack 3 – Swindon’s Railway Village

Around the Museum Displays

STEAM Education Pack 4 - Activity Sheets to use before, during and after your visit

World War Two

STEAM Education Pack 5 - WW2 Support Materials


EYFS Self-Guided Activity

Eye Spy Trail - EYFS Support Materials

We’ll Meet Again

STEAM Education Pack 6 - We'll Meet Again Support Materials


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



RA for Covid-19 adapted Discovery Sessions

RA for COVID-19 adapted self-guided school visits to STEAM

SSOW for COVID-19 adapted Discovery Sessions 

SSOW Handling objects with pupils 2020-2021 COVID-19 adapted 

Standard Health and Safety Conditions for COVID-19 Adapted Discovery Sessions

Standard Health and Safety Conditions for COVID-19 Adapted Self-guided Visits 2020 -2021

TERMS AND CONDITIONS 2020-21 COVID-19 adapted Discovery Sessions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS 2020-21 COVID-19 Adapted Self-Guided Visits for Schools 


Risk Assessments and Health and Safety requirements

In whatever capacity you and your class/es are visiting STEAM, you will need to download the following PDF file:

Risk Assessments and Health and Safety requirements

This contains comprehensive Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work for all educational activities provided by STEAM Education. There are also Risk Assessments for you to use during a self-guided visit to the Museum and for a self-guided tour of Swindon's Railway Village.

It also contains the Standard Conditions for School Groups visiting STEAM. These detail what we expect from school children on a visit to the Museum, and what the Health and Safety responsibilities of Group Leaders and other accompanying adults are.

It also contains procedures for Fire and Emergency Evacuation of the building and for children becoming lost or separated.

Please note that these Risk Assessments are written from the Museum's perspective and especially from the perspective of the Learning Team at STEAM. We recommend that you also conduct your own Risk Assessment during your Familiarisation Visit and use the materials we provide to complement your own.

STEAM - The Museum of the Great Western Railway is strongly committed to protecting and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff, volunteers and visitors to embrace this commitment.  Please contact us if you wish to obtain a copy of STEAM Education's Safeguarding Policy and procedure.

Please ensure you fully familiarise yourself with all STEAM’s Risk Assessments and Health and Safety requirements for school visitors before your visit. Please thoroughly brief all accompanying adults and, where applicable, the children in advance of the visit.

Original Gas Masks

Please note that children should under no circumstances bring original or vintage gas masks to the Museum as part of their World War Two visit. Templates for making replicas are provided in STEAM’s additional learning Resources for World War Two.


Most areas within the Museum have wheel chair access, including our Air Raid Shelter. 

Our Evacuation carriage can be fitted with a ramp for standard, manual wheel chairs but we apologise that this Victorian carriage does not have a wide enough turning circle for motorised wheel chairs.

We also apologise that wheel chair access to the footplate and tender of Caerphilly Castle Locomotive during We’ll Meet Again is not possible. Alternative interactive activities will be provided.

Please always make us aware of any wheelchair users at the time of booking or before the day of your visit.

Teachers' FAQs

Please read through our answers to some of the most common questions that teachers visiting STEAM ask us. These include information about:
- STEAM’s Learning Programme
- Booking a visit
- Costs
- Health and Safety
- Preparation for the visit
- On the day of the visit
Click here to download our Frequently Asked Questions.

Making a Booking

Please call 01793 466640 or email

Alternatively, click on the following link for our: Learning Enquiry Form