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Historical Enquiries

Enquiry Service

COVID-19 Notice

Following Government advice, STEAM is closed to the public for the foreseeable future. 

As a result the Curatorial Team are not currently in a position to answer enquiries related to:

•             Historical information held within the STEAM Archive and reference collection

•             Family History enquiries

•             Research visits to the STEAM Library and/or Archive

Please get in touch with your enquiry when STEAM is open to visitors once again.

The Curatorial Team may be able to assist with enquiries related to:

•             Potential donations (including bequests) or loans to the STEAM collections

•             Images on the STEAM Picture Library (, including reproduction requests




Using the wealth of material that we hold in the Collection we may be able to assist with historical enquires and research.

The process for making a historical enquiry is as follows:

1. Please e-mail with as much information relating to your enquiry as possible.

2. There is a flat fee of £30 per enquiry.  This is payable by either cheque, or by making a card payment over the phone or online. You will be contacted regarding payment when your enquiry has been received.

Terms and Conditions of the Research and Enquiry Service

•         Enquiries which require less than 10 minutes’ work will be answered free of charge.

•         All other enquiries are subject to the £30 fee irrespective of whether or not research is fruitful.  For your fee we will do our best to answer your enquiry as thoroughly as possible.  This will include where relevant, up to six A4 or three A3 black and white photocopies, details of sources consulted and suggestions for further research.

•         In answering your enquiry, some research may be undertaken by our team of specialist volunteers, many of whom have extensive knowledge of GWR history.

•         We will only undertake enquiries that we feel we can help with.  You will be informed if we cannot assist you in any way.

•         Enquiries that require extensive research amounting to more than one hour of staff time will be subject to an additional charge.  You will be advised of this prior to further research taking place.

•         The demand for the Enquiry Service is very high and all enquiries will be dealt with in the order that they are received.  We aim to answer all queries within 28 days.

You are also welcome to make an appointment to carry out your own research using our Library and / or Archive collections in the Research Library. Please click here to find out more. 

If your enquiry relates to obtaining a copy of a photographic image from the archives, please click here for more information.