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All Steam Ahead for Swindon175 Celebrations

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Two flagship locomotives made a timely return to STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway in November 2015.  
King George V and City of Truro are part of the world-class National Collection. They made their long journey from the National Railway Museum (NRM) in York to STEAM - by road, on low loaders, during the week beginning 9 November 2015.
The two Swindon-built locomotives now take pride of place on STEAM's Station Platform and have set the scene for the Swindon175 celebrations this year. They are on temporary loan from the NRM. 
Swindon175 marks 175 years since GWR directors gave the go-ahead for the world-famous Swindon Railway Works to be built in Swindon.

         No. 6000 King George V                                                                No. 3717 City of Truro

In order to accommodate both locomotives, previous loans Lode Star and Diesel Railcar returned to the National Railway Museum in exchange.  

No. 6000 King George V  

King George V (KGV) was designed by Charles B Collet and was the GWR’s most powerful 4-6-0 engine. KGV was the first ‘King’ Class built at Swindon Works in June 1927 and was shipped to the United States in August 1927 to feature in the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad’s centenary celebrations.  

No. 3717 City of Truro 

City of Truro was designed by George Jackson Churchward and was built at the Swindon Works in 1903. Built to travel in excess of 100 miles per hour (160.9 km/h), this famous engine became one of the world’s first to reach this speed on 9 May 1904.

About Swindon175 

On 25 February 1841, GWR directors authorised the establishment of the railway works in Swindon. This followed Locomotive Superintendent, Daniel Gooch's recommendation of Swindon as the ideal place for GWR’s central repair works. Construction started immediately and a new Swindon was born.
As well as the arrival of City of Truro and King George V and many special events based at the STEAM Museum. These are wide and varied and include new school holiday activities for families; new exhibitions such as 'Daniel Gooch: Life & Legacy' (focusing on the huge role Sir Daniel Gooch played in creating the GWR Railway Works); special performances of the opera 'Brunel: The Little Man in the Tall Hat', and theatre: 'The Railway Children', plus the Swindon(175) Railway Festival and the Swindon Symphony Orchestra.
Please see the STEAM What's On pages for a full listing of events taking place at STEAM.
There are Swindon175 events happening all over the town, involving the Swindon & Cricklade Railway, Swindon's arts and culture venues and local businesses.
Please see the Swindon175 website for a full list of special Swindon175 events:


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